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Lash Foam Cleanser

Lash Foaming Clean Wash is specially formulated for eyelash extensions and eye area. 100% Organic.



Volume Touch Mascara

Volume Touch is intended to be used when lashes need a good boost of color to fill in sparse areas. Carbon black ingredients provide a dramatic sheen on lashes, while nutrients make it safe for eyelash extensions.

Use Volume Touch when waiting for fill. Apply like regular mascara and remove with Lash Cleanser or Deep Cleanser.



Lash Conditioner

Lash Conditioner allows for the same benefits but as a direct application to the lashes. The Silk Protein and other nutritive ingredients help to strengthen natural lashes, making them softer and silky while helping to prevent lash breakage. Use 2X per day or as needed.



Perfect Touch Mascara

Perfect Touch contains intelliSeal Technology to seal the lashes with binders, providing a longer extension life. For two or three week old extensions, Perfect Touch adds just enough color and volume to keep extensions looking natural and full.


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