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The Lash Life


Low Maintenance,

The Newest Way To Treat Yourself

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Wake Up & Go

Shorten your time to get ready in the morning by waking up, confident that you're put together for the day. Our lashes are lightweight, durable, and stay stylish for weeks!


Longer Lasting

Our medical grade adhesive is ultra-bonding, allowing extensions to last longer than ever! The consistency of the adhesive is different than others because it holds the extension around the entire natural lash. So, our lash specialists can use less adhesive than competitors, but it'll last longer and feel more comfortable.


Weightless Feel

Our lashes were designed by Katie and are only ordered through our exclusive manufacturer. It took years to curate this unique design, where the weight of the extensions lay perfectly on the strongest area of the natural lash - making even the most dramatic extensions feel weightless. 

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Quick & Convenient

Because our lash specialists are able to use less adhesive while maintaining longevity, the application process is faster than others. This means less fumes and getting lashes done is a short visit instead of a half-day dragged out ordeal like other salons.

And During the Visit, Enjoy :

  • Private Tranquil Rooms

  • Free Consultations Prior to Starting

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Easy Access to Street & Garage Parking 

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