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Long lasting,

Oil & Sweat Resilient

Fast Dry Time


The Industry Needed To Fix:

  • Adhesive that dried too slow, causing stickies

  • Adhesive that was too thick or thin

  • Adhesive that would wear off too fast, causing extensions to fall out quickly

  • Adhesive with lots of chemical fumes

LBK Facebook Post-4.png

Our Innovative Solution

Woman having an eyelash extension

Developed a formula with the perfect thickness/thin-ness,

ESPECIALLY for promades

Lowered the amount of chemicals that are irritants to lungs and eyes.

stock lashes_edited.jpg

Amazing retentions, with most of regular clients going 3-4 weeks with over 50% retention.


“I've been working with Xtreme products for years and decided to give this glue a try after one of my clients went to Lashes By Katie for a refill while I was on vacation. I was SURPRISED to see that the retention was actually better, and so much more affordable too! ”

- B.W

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