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Promade Fans


Lash in half the time, fit more clients in,

and make more money 

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We Re-Invented
the Pro/Premade ...

IMG_2620 2_edited.jpg

To address common complaints of pre-mades :

- "Not as dark as handmade fans"

- "They always stick together"

- "They don't last & fall out fast"

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The Innovative Solution


Developed a new shade of black

to achieve a 

darker lash line.

Re-structured the base to lay flat on top or underneath the natural lash for faster easier application.

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The width of the re-invented promade is engineered to evenly distribute weight across the natural lash, allowing longer retention.

Discover The New ProMade

Video about the 4 major features / innovation - focus on how it benefits lash technicians 


“I’ve been hand making my own fans for over 6 years and these promades are the ONLY premade fans I’ll use. They’re dark and retention is sometimes even better than when I lash-wrap! All my regulars are 3 week refills and they ALWAYS come back with at least 65% left”

- C.D

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