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The Science behind Lash Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Lash extensions have been a game-changer in the beauty industry, allowing individuals to achieve the full and fluttery lashes that they desire. However, it's not just the lashes that are important in the application process. The eyelash extension adhesive is equally important, and understanding how it works is essential for lash techs to provide the best results. In this blog, we will delve into the science behind eyelash extension adhesive and discover how it functions to create beautiful, long-lasting lash extensions.

Firstly, it's important to understand that there are various types of eyelash extension adhesive available on the market. However, the primary lash glue used by most lash techs is a cyanoacrylate-based glue. This eyelash extension adhesive type is particularly strong and creates a firm bond between the natural lash and the extension. The cyanoacrylate molecules in the glue are activated when exposed to moisture, creating a chemical reaction that binds the extensions' fibers and the natural lashes' fibers.

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Secondly, temperature and humidity play a critical role in the setting time of lash glue. Humidity levels affect the speed of curing (drying) the lash extension adhesive. Higher humidity levels create faster drying time resulting in a stronger bond and vice versa. Similarly, colder temperatures cause the adhesive to cure more slowly, while warm temperatures expedite the process, so lash techs must control the setting environment to achieve the best results.

Thirdly, pH levels can impact the performance of eyelash extension adhesive since it affects the adhesive’s viscosity and polymerization. As a result, it's crucial to prepare the natural lash before application by cleaning it with a cleanser and primer. Lash primers help balance the pH levels, ensuring that the eyelash glue can bond well to the natural lash's surface, which can aid retention.

Finally, water, oil, and makeup can break down the eyelash extension adhesive's bond, so it's important to inform clients to avoid contact with these elements. Oils and makeup residue can weaken the bond and lead to early shedding of lash extensions. So, it is highly recommended that clients should avoid using any creams, serums or oil-based products on their extensions.

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Science Behind Lashes By Katie Adhesive for Best Retention

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