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Tips to Help You Creating Your Ideal Prom Makeup Look

A lot of things go into ensuring your perfect prom look - dress, nails, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, and prom makeup.

Prom makeup is different from your everyday makeup look, or the usual formal style. It's the time of the year when you shine, own the day to truly express your style like never before.

Therefore, we have gathered some tips from professionals (and some famous artists) to help you create your ideal prom makeup look.

Things You Should Do Before the Prom Night The secret to getting the perfect makeup is not using the most expensive products but keeping your skin clean and prepped for the night. So here are some tips you should keep in mind before you even shop for your dress - because, baby, it all starts way ahead of its time.

1. Exfoliate Ahead of Time

The best way to get a smooth prom makeup look is to keep your skin clean and deeply exfoliated. Our beauty specialist, Katie swears by the tip as, “using a gentle exfoliator consistently weeks before the event helps you keep your skin clean and in best form to get beautifully textured and balanced skin.”

2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water, and using face masks regularly will help you to keep your skin hydrated. This will help in the smooth application of all makeup products, because everything looks good if your skin is glowing.

3. Schedule All Your Beauty Treatments Days Before the Night

Don't wait until the night of your event to do major beauty treatments, especially waxing, tweezing, peels, facials, self-tanning, or extractions. You should schedule all your treatments 3-5 days beforehand to ensure your skin has calmed down and adjusted.

4. Prep Your Skin Now that we have considered what to do days ahead of the night, this is something that you should do on the day of prom night. And that is skin prepping. It's not a groundbreaking insight, but something that most people miss. Makeup is non-arguably a layer of products you put on your skin. We all naturally have pores, textures, and different skin types, which react differently to cosmetic products.

However, moisturizing your skin some time - such as 15 minutes - before the makeup session can improve skin texture. Makeup will apply much more evenly, giving the airbrushed effect (that we all love). 5. Get a Makeup Trial

Makeup artist Tonya Crooks spilled her recent secret to rocking her every look, "conducting makeup tests before the actual event'. The prom makeup look is not just about your makeup but striking the right balance between your dress, makeup, hair, and accessories. So unless you're too sure about your look (or you've slayed it already), professionals recommend doing trials before the day. It helps you bring your visualization to life and see what works best according to your face shape, skin tone, and of course, the dress.

You can do makeup trials at home if you plan to do your own makeup on a special night, or if you want to entrust your special look to makeup professionals, you can get a session with our makeup artists. They help you ensure you get the perfect look, boosting your confidence for the special night. Choose Your Classic Prom Eye Makeup Look

Whether you decide to do your own makeup on a special night or get professional services from our makeup artists, it is always ideal to understand the basic formula of the 'perfect look.'

So as Melissa Hernandez, makeup artist to Hollywood celebrities, suggests, "the biggest tip when trying to find the right makeup look is to assess your overall ensemble — hair, makeup, clothes — and choose a focal point."

If your outfit is pompous with bold colors, and shiny embellishments, it is recommended to opt for a more subtle and light prom makeup look.

But, if your dress is simple with a plain fabric and a minimalistic design, you can add a bit of color with a bold focused eyeshadow and nude lip shades

Or, you can also (and always) get a smokey eye for prom eye makeup, or a bold red lip.

Meanwhile, these are some things you must keep in mind as the night approaches, and slay your prom look with a perfect makeup look that not only compliments your dress but also truly reflects your personality.

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