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Our Services & Products

Eyelashes Extensions

The process of attaching individual eye lashes to produce visual effects based on one's preferences.  These effects could be as such but not limited to: longer lashes, volumize, curling, color alterations, eye makeup alternative, etc.  Lengths, curls, and thicknesses could be mixed and match to make sure the end result is natural and fitting for each individual.  With the high demands for faux eye lashes, we are very particular on where our lashes comes from and how they are made.  By emerging in great depth with research along side trials & errors, we are able to locate and satisfactorily found a manufacturer that matches and exceeds our level of standards and quality.  To make sure that our products stay at high quality, we decided to localized those products in our name so all services provided by us are consistent.

Our products call be found at


Facials & Skincare

Our skincare specialists are trained and licensed to appropriately evaluate and provide treatment plans for facial skincare.  With many years of experience and proper suitable equipments, we will strive to help you reach your skincare goals one skin-cell at a time.  Our services include but not limited to: maintaining skin health, light chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc.  We are firm believers the quality of both services and products.  Which is why we chose one of the top dermatologist recommended and highly ranking skincare brand, Physicians Care Alliance, or PCA.  PCA products have been around for over 25 years and hold the highest standard for skincare products.  We exclusively use PCA for all of our skincare services as well as carry their products for individual skin care at home.  Exceptional services and quality products are corner stones of any beauty system.  We are confident that you will not only see but also feel our conviction after experiencing it first hand.

More information on PCA can be found on       

What all this means for you?

Our Mission Statement,

All of our services are fundamentally based on our beliefs of quality over quantity.  Which is why we are strongly against counting lashes services by the strand.  In our opinion, a "full-set" should mean "full" and our pricing will never be based on how many lashes we have to use to make sure it is so.  Every visit from a client is a chance for us to strive and make our work better than the last time they visited.  We will never regress to less expensive products to cut costs, while at the same time, lower said quality.  We will continue striving to improve and create an environment in which our clients can look forward to their next visit as much as we do.

So Welcome! Relax! and allow us do our best to meet and exceed your expectations!



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